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British Made


An array of award winning stoves.
“Traditional” “Modern traditional” & “Contemporary”
These beautiful stoves come in 6 different colours with an option to have stainless or brass handles. They are Made & designed in Britain and come with a comforting 7 year warranty.
All Clock wood burners Defra approved & Eco design ready/2022 compliant.
All Clock wood burners that are traditional are Multi fuel.

Clock wood burners currently offer 5 options of stoves, 4 of which are traditional.

Clock Blithfield – 5 kw The original, a truly stunning stove, with an excellent viewing window, showing an excellent flame. This is because the burning system is first class and has excellent controllability, pop in to our showroom to see one live.
While they have a nominal output of 5 kw they offer a range from as low as 3.5 kw up-to 9.5 kw. Meaning this stove can comfortably work in most room sizes.

Clock Blithfield Compact – 5 kw a smaller more compact version of Blithfield thats fit a smaller chimney opening space. Also an award winning stove at the UKs only fireplace show – Hearth & Home exhibition. Also available to view in our showroom in Forest Green (April 2020).

Clock Blithfield 8 – 8 kw The larger version of the Blithfield, offering more heat & more viewing flame, what more can you ask for.

Clock Blithfield DS – 10 kw The double sided version, offering stunning views from both sides & a patent pending air system to ensure maximum efficiency & minimal carbon footprint.

Clock Brocksford CS5 – 5 kw The contemporary clock wood burner. This model is wood burning only. It offers a stunning curved glass with excellent viewing flame. Has a log store as standard & is the best value for money British made contemporary stove on the market, arguably the best value for money contemporary stove offered form the whole of Europe.
You can change the colour of the door & also add a “base door” this is to cover the log store.

The clock Blithfield & Blithfield compact also offer log store options too increase height & allow an excellent spec to store your logs.
Direct air feed kit is available for all models.


Arada truly believe that a stove is much more then just a “black box” this is show from the obvious colouring options, to the attention to detail across the whole range.
Arada offer both gas & solid fuel fires which are both British manufactured & built to last.
The contemporary range of modern stoves can be viewed in our range of catalogs, online or you can visit our Cottenham showroom to see the i500 live display or the gas Holborn. On cold display are a few other options including showing of the stunning colours such as “Spice” & “Atlantic”.

Arada is an independently owned company that has been manufacturing stoves at their Devon base since 1983. This commitment to manufacturing quality has meant that Arada multi fuel and wood burning stoves are loaded with innovative design features that promote ease of use and at a competitive price. They can also save consumers up to 70% compared to the cost of electrical home heating, so make great economic sense as well.

The offering from Arada stoves includes the Timeless Classic range, which are identified by their traditional design, the Contemporary Living range which add a modern wow factor to any room, and the Hardworking Heating range. This is the Arada range of boiler stoves, while we can supply these we can not install boiler model stoves
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Evonicfires is an award-winning brand of CK Fires Ltd, situated just outside Stratford-upon-Avon, we manufacture a range of British built electric fires and are considered as one of the most technically advanced manufacturers in the world, with optional controllers such as e-touch and a fully integrated APP available to download on both Apple Store or Google play.
Evonicfires offer a wide selection of electric fires ranging from traditional to contemporary using the latest in LED technology to bring you one of the most realistic flame pictures available on electric fires.

We feel Evonicfires are a specialist product where additional advice is required before you purchase feel free to contact our showroom for more information on 01223828688 or email us –



Guaranteed To Deliver More Than A Traditional Wood Burning Stove  

The Ecco Stove is a hybrid combining both masonry heater and wood burning stove technology to create the best of both. Utilising the Natural Heat release from the Silicon Carbide body the Ecco Stove can heat a much larger area than a traditional metal stove without overheating the initial room and without using radiators or electrical connections making it a fantastic, clean, off grid alternative to other heating options.

Clean Burning – Eco Design Ready 2022

The Ecco Stove has also passed some of the toughest testing in Europe for a wood fired stoves and has models already Eco Design 2022 for the environmentally conscious. With up to 93% efficiency within the range you can be sure that you get the most out of every log.

Thermal Mass – Heat Retention up to 12 hours.
Weighing between 270-800kg the Ecco Stoves are thermal mass heaters operating rather like a storage heater. This creates high combustion temperatures for efficiency, insulates the stove body for comfort and safety, while retaining heat for up to 12 hours (678 model) after the fire has gone out. From as little as 7kg of fuel can provide up to 14 hours of warmth.

Contraflow Technology – Capturing wasted heat

Built on either a tri baffle (580 model) or contraflow gas channel design the Ecco Stove captures as much heat from the spent flue gases before they reach atmosphere. Temperatures in the flue can be as low as 110°c compared to 350-450°c with traditional stoves.

Alternative Heating – Natural Heat without electrical and water connections.

Whether you simply want to heat a room or much more the Ecco Stoves Natural Heat release from the Silicon Carbide (SIC) body provides a constant drive of balanced, comfortable warmth through much more of you home than traditional metal stoves. Combining SIC, heat retention and lower surface temperatures gently drives the heat from room to room with as little as 1-1.5°c difference between each room as you travel away from the stove. Heat a much larger area than a traditional wood burning stove by simply opening doors to the rooms you wish to heat. Contact our customer service team today to get a free Heat Plan estimate and find out what the Ecco Stove could do for your home.

Simple to Use

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in wood burning stoves or this is your first fire the Ecco Stove is simple to operate with only one control and a batch loading method. With up to 24 hours warmth from as little as two 1.5 hour fires per day it doesn’t get any easier for a manually fed wood fired heating solution.