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Cambridge Stove Installations strives to offer the best-value products at the lowest possible price. With its sleek lines, energy-efficient performance & excellent accurate heat output, the Rocal range of contemporary stoves exemplifies this philosophy.

Rocal, based in Catalonia, Spain, has been making waves in the home heating industry for over 30 years. Not only do Rocal contemporary stoves make practical sense but also they are easy on the eye and will impress your visitors with their unique flair.
Bringing a symphony of heat and light into your home, Rocal is the choice for you.

We sell a comprehensive range of Rocal stoves to suit your way of life, taste and choice of fuel, with the entire range available to view in catalogs, we can show you online images & have 2 of there stoves on display, with the stunning wall hung Oval on live display.

Rocal wood burning stoves lead the way in cutting-edge design, comfort and safety. These contemporary wood burners are 100 per cent sustainable and embody a chic signature style.

Multi-sided stoves – the company’s speciality – afford vistas of the fire from all around. The showcase windows are easy to maintain, with clean burn and air wash technology systems ensuring pristine glass. Meanwhile, clever corner stoves bring this neglected niche in your room to life with a stylish blaze.

Free-standing Rocal wood burning stoves with fuel-sparing attributes will take pride of place in the centre of the room, while insert modules – which are more energy-efficient than traditional fireplaces – can be built into the chimney breast.

Rather than attaching a traditional wood burning stove to a bracket, Rocal wall-mounted stoves are specially designed to be fit for purpose. They offer a daring new incarnation of the classic stove with stylish modern shapes, including elongated, circular, and a flowing water droplet design. Not only are they eye-catching but also they ensure the ideal temperature and heat output over a large area.

Combining stunning looks with versatility, Rocal multi-fuel stoves have a high efficiency rating and their ambient glow will create mesmerising beauty and warmth at the heart of your home.

Attention to detail is a feature across the Rocal stoves range. The top-quality, durable components include stainless steel, vermiculite, fire bricks and cladding, while hand-crafted finishes are available in satin black or glossy white heat-resistant paint. Smart structural design maximises the amount of glass, enhancing visibility and celebrating your fire as the focal point of the room.

With many different features available, it is easy to tailor-make your stove to suit your circumstances. For more information about our Rocal range or to personalise your stove, contact us via phone or email.

Visit our Cottenham showroom to see Rocal ARc 40V designed specifically for the UK market.


Arada truly believe that a stove is much more then just a “black box” this is show from the obvious colouring options, to the attention to detail across the whole range.
Arada offer both gas & solid fuel fires which are both British manufactured & built to last.
The contemporary range of modern stoves can be viewed in our range of catalogs, online or you can visit our Cottenham showroom to see the i500 live display or the gas Holborn. On cold display are a few other options including showing of the stunning colours such as “Spice” & “Atlantic”.

Arada is an independently owned company that has been manufacturing stoves at their Devon base since 1983. This commitment to manufacturing quality has meant that Arada multi fuel and wood burning stoves are loaded with innovative design features that promote ease of use and at a competitive price. They can also save consumers up to 70% compared to the cost of electrical home heating, so make great economic sense as well.

The offering from Arada stoves includes the Timeless Classic range, which are identified by their traditional design, the Contemporary Living range which add a modern wow factor to any room, and the Hardworking Heating range. This is the Arada range of boiler stoves, while we can supply these we can not install boiler model stoves
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Made in Denmark

All stoves are designed and manufactured at the factory in Lemvig, Denmark. HETA is excellent and Danish designed quality for everybody.

Heta care about the environment

HETA fireplaces and stoves are some of the most clean-burning stoves in Europe. They are tested in accordance with applicable regulations in Norway, Denmark, Germany and the new European norm.

Guaranteeing good quality

All stoves are inspected before leaving the factory. In addition, you get a

five-year warranty on your Heta stove or fireplace.

Lowering emissions 

HETAs completely unique fire chamber and air channels mean that CO2 and harmful particles are reduced to an absolute minimum.

High heating value

All of HETA’s stoves have very high heating value, so you get more out of your firewood, and polluting gases are burnt before leaving the chimney.

Your own style

Our stoves are made in matte black quality steel, which you can combine with enamel or ceramics in many colours, soapstone, sandstone or granite. Giving you your own special personalisation on what is often a crowded market place.

CSI Display models

We have on show the stunning 830 XL-B which is a baking stove, on a Saturday where possible we may bake some cakes, these are big enough to do a roast for family. Adding a unique focal/talking point to your home.

We 2 other models for you to come see either in action or on display.

Visit our showroom in Cottenham to see Heta stand out class.


Henley stoves was founded in County Kerry, Henley Stoves is Ireland’s leading stove company with distribution centres in Tralee, Dublin, and Cambridgeshire UK. Henley has nearly 30 years of extensive background in the stove industry. There mission is to provide consumers with genuine quality products at affordable prices. Customers are Henley’s & our top priority, we strive to deliver best in class customer service when it comes to purchasing any of our products and Henley echo’s this too.
All Henley Stoves are manufactured to the highest possible standard; two Quality Control Managers complete a 32-point checklist on each stove before it leaves the factory in County Kerry.

Henley Stoves is also a member of the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance), an association of manufacturers, distributors, advisories , testing bodies and other parties involved in bringing the best quality in home heating and stoves industry.  This is just one of the steps Henleys Stoves has taken to further develop themselves as a leading supplier in stoves.

With a focus to the future, Henley are continuing develop and expand on there range that will meet the EcoDesign 2022 European program to lower emissions while also becoming more efficient.

Henley motto is “Every home deserves a Henley”

Come visit our Cottenham showroom to see a vast range of Henley’s different stoves they have to offer from traditional stoves through to modern /contemporary stoves.
On live display we have the Henley G1 a sleek modern cylinder stoves, that with the touch of a little leave can swivel side to side in your room, making ti an excellent focal point for any room. We also have the Hazlewood one of the largest glass viewing flames on the market for a 5kw stove, showing off your stunning flame, created with Henley state of the art dual air wash system.
We have a few more Henleys on display so come down & check them out.


This superb collection of stove have been designed not only as attractive appliances for the home but also as high performance stoves, able to meet the environmental requirements of today & tomorrow.

The Newbourne Range offers contemporary and sleek designs with the latest technology in primary air control plus a secondary airwash which effectively keeps the fire window clean, and tertiary air to ensure a clean burn high-efficiency performance, whether burning wood or smokeless fuel.  Both the Newbourne 35FS and 40FS have now had their fireboxes uprated to comply with the new environmental Ecodesign standards 2022.

A very small but quality selection of 4 free-standing stoves & 1 inset stoves, all Newbourne stoves approved for use in smoke control areas throughout the UK.

They also have brilliant attention to detail with 4 different handle options – Chrome, Black, Brushed steel & wooden. All freestanding models offer 3 different leg height options & log stores.

Visit our Cottenham showroom to see the smallest of the Newbourne range which fits in to most chimney breasts.

FIRELINE – Charlton & Jenrick

Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves.

The Fireline range offers a wide variety of multi-fuel stoves. Key features include a 5mm and 10mm thick laser profiled and seam-welded steel construction for strength and long life, draught-controlled tertiary air systems, plus many more unique benefits. All freestanding models fitted also come with solid fuel burning kits as standard.

Having worked in the domestic heating and fireplace industry for nearly 30 years and spent
the last 18 years gradually focusing more on
wood burning developments, it is clear that the marketplace has developed out of all recognition, and if anything the pace of that change has picked up recently. Initially we witnessed the resurgence
of wood logs as a practical, economical and low- carbon choice for the householder with an exciting visual flame picture that older stove designs simply could not offer. Yet beyond all this now is the unceasing drive for improvement of environmental emissions which the industry has responded to
with vigour in promoting the new Ecodesign 2022 standards in the form of the official Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) Ecodesign Ready scheme ( C&J’s entire Fireline and Purevision ranges are now officially listed and accredited by this government recognised scheme – so you can choose any of our stove products with total confidence that they are in the top echelon of low emitting appliances in the world today.

Fireline stoves incorporate advanced, patented firebox combustion technology developed exclusively in our own Telford laboratories which results in very clean burning and highly efficient stoves. The fuel efficiency of our stoves begins at 78% and rises to 82% but thermal performance is only a small part of the story as our air wash and tertiary air profiling technology are an integral part of the low emissions combustion process. Every model in the range easily achieves DEFRA exemption for burning seasoned wood logs in smoke control areas on top of a robust pass on
all Ecodesign 2022 emissions criteria. This is not the work of a moment but requires years of careful design of features into each appliance from conception of the product specification to delivery of the final manufactured units.

CSI Display models – FA8 on live display & Woodtec 5.
Also have the Fireline version in mini stoves to see……like the real thing, just 

PUREVISION – Charlton & Jenrick

The PurevisionTM HD range from Charlton & Jenrick comprises a
wide range of models including freestanding, inset, classical and continental style pedestal stoves.
They contain technologically advanced patented design features that result

in superb clean-burning performance and thermal efficiency of up to 87.2%.

Emissions meet EU leading DIN+ levels and already achieve current emission and efficiency requirements for 2022 European Ecodesign standards, which are far tougher than current mandatory norms. DEFRA exemption for wood- burning in a smokeless zone was a formality, with test results up to 97% below permitted levels of visible smoke.

Design parameters have been reset
to produce a huge glass panel for fire viewing, framed by a substantial yet elegantly curved door, the aesthetics of which blend seamlessly with traditional
or modern rooms and fireplaces. The glass panel is kept clean by the extremely powerful airwash system.

PurevisionTM HD is the result of Charlton
& Jenrick’s ongoing endeavours to improve the state of the art in wood-burning combustion chamber design. High Definition (HD) means an improved visual resolution over the previous standard and PurevisionTM achieves this by harnessing the airwash and specialised tertiary air-profiling within the burn chamber for sharply defined flames and complete combustion.

CSI Display models – PV Cylinder in grey – HPV5 with canopy in black & PV5 Wide slim in grey


A Kalfire fire is the result of the quest for perfection. In design. In engineering. In performance. In everything. We don’t follow the latest trends – we start them. Since 1981, we have been breaking new ground with our innovative electric fireplaces and closed gas and wood-burning fires.

Kalfire fireplaces are available in five main types: front models, corner models, three-sided models, double-sided tunnel model and room-dividing model. From this starting point, a wide range of options are offered that allow you to give a personal touch to your choice. In this way, you can design a unique fireplace step by step that corresponds exactly to your wishes.

Kalfire delivers a complete collection of closed woodfires in many sizes and designs. Our fireplaces are designed to create the ultimate wood fire experience and are built according to the latest state of the art. Regardless the standard model: we offer the possibilities and options to tailor your fireplace to your personal style and taste.

A burning fire in a fireplace typically evokes a cold winter’s day. But even in months when it is still too warm to turn on the central heating, a fireplace allows you to warm up a particular room.
Our woodfires are always customized to your taste. Kalfire offers latest-generation closed wood fires in a range of different models and sizes. Your choice starts with the selection of one of the four main base models: front model, corner model, three-sided model or double-sided tunnel model.

Kalfire closed wood fires operate independently of the air in the room. The closed system draws in fresh (often cold) air from the exterior and discharges the smoke through the flue. If you open the door of the fire to circulate warm air in the room, this patented built-in valve system automatically compensates the air supply so that the air pressure is always in balance.