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Outdoor Fires


The story of RB73 is a story of passion for fire. But also of beautiful and timeless products. Handmade by professionals with love for the product. Enjoy beautiful moments, enjoy staying outside! Think of warm summer evenings, but also throughout the rest of the year there are often beautiful days when an outdoor fireplace can be used to give that wonderful extra warmth and atmosphere on your terrace.
The fires have glass fronted doors so you do not suffer from smoke, ash or sparks on the terrace.
The CorTen steel gives the fires a solid appearance and long life. The rusting process is different for each fireplace and therefore every fireplace is unique.

As the Scandinavians say, “No terrace without a fire ………… ..”

Rust rules!

What does CorTen steel mean?
-rosion resistance               : corrosion resistance
TEN-sile strength                        : tensile strength
It has been developed by US Steel with the aim of creating weatherproof steel. It is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added.

CorTen steel properties
Characteristic of CorTenstaal is the brown-orange rust color and the long lifespan.
Through the addition of the other metals to the iron, CorTen steel develops a solid layer of rust, the oxide skin, which shields the deeper material from oxygen. In contrast to ordinary steel, corrosion is not a wear, but rather a protection of the steel.
The solid rust layer that has to develop will, depending on the weather, take 2 to 6 months. After this, the CorTen no longer delivers rust (water).

Faster start-up of the rust process
Accelerating and allowing to rust more evenly is possible with a salt or acid solution.
For salt, kitchen salt works fine and for acid can be thought of vinegar. Mix this with water in a plant spray and inject the product.

Benefits of CorTen steel
• beautiful appearance and gets a warm rust color
• very durable (lasts about 10 times longer than ordinary steel)
• very strong material (similar to stainless steel)
• does not need to be treated
• it is 100% recyclable

Disadvantages of CorTen steel
• rust water which is released at the beginning can give rust spots on eg tiles
• relatively expensive material

Models available

The Piquia model is a compact CorTen steel wood stove with an industrial look. This terrace stove has a galvanized steel door handle and stainless steel lock bolts around, both above and below the door. These contrast well with the warm rustic plate material. The legs of the 3-legged version are made of stainless steel. The version with 4 legs has a small ash tray on the back.
Smallest of their stunning range & prices start from as little £730.00 Including free delivery.

The Quaruba model is a stylish wood stove with an elegant appearance designed for outdoor use. This cube-shaped terrace stove has an unique modular construction and is therefore assembled as desired with 1 ( glass fronted door) to 4 glass panels. The door catch is located between the door panel and the right leg. The version with 4-wheels is easy moved. In addition, the platform for the wheels can also be used as storage for firewood.
In our showroom we have the most popular model the mobile version (on wheels) & with 4 windows ensuring excellent viewing flame all the way round.
Prices from as little as £1,025.00 Including free delivery.


The Bijuga model is a robust CorTen steel outdoor stove. The striking timeless design combines tight lines and surfaces with industrial accents.
The sheet material is folded out on the connecting seams and all bolts and nuts are visible. The hardwood merbau parts (knobs and push-bar) not only provide beautiful details but are also very practical for operation because they do not get too hot. The 2-wheel version with a push-bar on the rear can easily be moved. The emblem on the hood is a symbol for the collaboration with Atelier Rene Knip, the designer of this stove.

Design Studio Rene Knip
The design is from Atelier Rene Knip. Rene has a distinctive view on stoves. The user and the function of the fireplace are central.
His designs have a distinct design and are characterized by balanced proportions in size, a beautiful look and the use of high quality materials and beautiful details.
Prices from as little as £1,175.00 Including free delivery.

The Lotus has a basic three times repeating shape, with a total diameter of 100 cm. The function of the fire bowl is immediately recognized by the simplicity of design. Designed by the famous Dutch designer Roderick Vos. Vos hates intellectual stories about simple utensils. Vos:”The Lotus is just a nice, large firebowl that you can use to make a decent fire”. The “ridges” on the inside ensure that the logs do not slip. Even without fire, the Lotus is a beautiful decorative object for the garden. Lotus is available in a high and low version (with removable legs) in blasted untreated aluminum.
Prices from as little as £1,275.00 Including free delivery.

The Woodstorage / hocker BloX is a handy wood store from RB73. Made of 2mm CorTen steel. It is a nice accessory to put besides the outdoor fireplace and it forms a beautiful and attractive setting. It is a combination of a wood storage and seating furniture. Thanks to the division you can nicely separate the production and firewood from each other. Optionally, a hardwood seat can be purchased, creating a bench on which you can sit and enjoy the flames and warmth of the fireplace. Delivered unrestrained as a DIY kit.
Prices from as little as £175.00 (delivery fee’s likely, set up can also be arrange subject to a fee).

The uptime wood storage solution, show off your timber!
This stunning log storing solution is JUST £1,650.00 including set up (subject to location).  This really does carry the WOW factor.



Made in Denmark

Coziness in the garden with Tipi

Do you also miss the stove in the summer? With HETA’s Tipi you can move the coziness of the stove out and into your garden. HETA Tipi gives heat and coziness on the terrace or in the grass. You can make popcorn and bread on a stick, roast marsh mellows, sausages and anything you would like to cook over the open fire. HETA Tipi is easy to light up, easy to clean and, not least environmentally friendly.

HETA Tipi is a beautiful sculpture in your garden. Tipi is designed for the any climate and it can stay outside all year long. HETA Tipi is made from Corten steel which develops a nice, rusty-red colour over time, but this never develops into corroding rust.

Visit our showroom in Cottenham to see Heta Tipi Large with grill.

The stunning Heta Tipi range start from as little as £349.00


From a picnic in the park to an alfresco afternoon at the beach, enjoy an authentic BBQ experience wherever you are. The Portable Folding BBQ is lightweight and easy to carry, with cooking space to cater for 4 or more people. Perfect for days out and use on the go.

These are available for just £49.99!
We have them in our showroom for display and to sell straight away.
Come down & check these stunning portable BBQ out!

Solo Stoves

Solo Stove Ranger

The most compact fire pit in the Solo Stove collection. The Ranger is perfect for smaller spaces, city dwellers and for those who live life on the go!

RRP £279.00 Call for our best price. We include free delivery anywhere in UK.

Solo Stove Bonfire

Before Bonfire: We used to collect logs, kindle the fire, hope it didn’t flame out, and let it burn for 10 hours. Is there a better way?

Congrats, you’ve discovered our best selling smokeless portable pit. Join thousands of others that have figured it out. Yes, thousands!

Our secret technology does something fire pits have never seen. Details lower on page.

RRP £379.00 Call for our best price. We include free delivery anywhere in UK.

Solo Stove Yukon

Like being the center of attention in large gatherings? Then Yukon is for you.

It’s the biggest pit we’ll ever make.

It’s 2 feet wide, which means you can toss in big pieces of firewood. Wicked flame, so much fun, virtually no smoke.

RRP – £679.00 Call for our best price. We include free delivery anywhere in UK.

5 Years in the Making

Strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure suck the air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top resulting in a spectacular flame with intense heat. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left over! Making the Bonfire not only easy to clean up, but won’t leave you smelling like campfire.

You’ve got questions, we have answers:

Where should I use the Bonfire? The Bonfire works great in a backyard or take it with you to your car camping site.

Do I need to purchase any accessories? No, your fire pit is ready to use with just wood.

What wood types do you recommend using as fuel? Any firewood logs will burn but for optimum efficiency we recommend dry hard woods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods.

How heavy is Bonfire? 20 lbs.

How do I clean and store my Bonfire? After your Bonfire is cool, turn it upside down to empty any remaining ashes left in your stove. Keep your Bonfire in a cool and dry place when not in use. It’s that easy!

Can I place the Bonfire in an existing fire pit? Yes, however we recommend 2+ inches of clearance around the unit for proper ventilation.

Could the price be lower? Our focus from day 1 has been to craft the world’s highest quality fire pit. Something that would last a lifetime. So we use the absolute best materials and highest levels of craftsmanship. But don’t take our word for it. You owe it to yourself to read at least 10 customer reviews.

Product Specs

Materials – 304 Stainless Steel
Fuel – Firewood Logs
Weight – Varies subject to choice.