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At Cambridge Stove Installations, we emphasise the safety and efficiency of your stove and fireplace installations through HETAS certification. HETAS is the recognised authority for approving heating appliances, fuels, and installation services, ensuring compliance with strict safety standards. Discover how our HETAS-certified installations provide peace of mind and adherence to regulations, safeguarding your home and family.

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The Importance of HETAS in Home Heating Safety

With the rising popularity of stoves and open fires for home heating, the need for safety and professionalism in installation is paramount. HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme) plays a crucial role in this regard. As the official body recognized by the government, HETAS approves solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels, and services. This includes the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses, covering a range of products such as boilers, cookers, open fires, stoves, and room heaters.

Legal Compliance and Installation

In England and Wales, legally installing a domestic solid fuel, wood, or biomass burning appliance can be done in two ways:

Employing a HETAS registered installer, who can self-certify that the work complies with relevant building regulations.

Applying for a building notice through your local authority building control department, which may involve a fee of up to £300.

Using a HETAS registered installer not only ensures compliance with building regulations but also grants you a certificate of compliance. This certificate is a record of the installation’s adherence to safety standards. HETAS forwards a copy of this certificate to the local authority on your behalf, simplifying the process for homeowners.

Why Choose a HETAS Registered Installer

Choosing a HETAS registered installer for your heating appliance installation offers peace of mind. It assures you that:
The installation meets strict safety and efficiency standards.
The installer is trained, qualified, and regularly assessed for competence.You avoid the complexities and potential costs associated with local authority building control notification.

For more detailed information about HETAS and their role in ensuring safe and compliant heating installations, please visit the HETAS Official Website. or more detailed information about HETAS and their role in ensuring safe and compliant heating installations, please visit the HETAS website. You can find the link on our 'Links' page, or directly access it at HETAS Official Website.

Comprehensive Services Offered

CSI's services range from traditional 'stove in a hole' installations to intricate chimney re-linings and complete aftercare packages. Our offerings include:

Stove & Fireplace Installation

Smoke Test & Relining

Sweep & Service

Logs & Fuel Supply

Stone Requirements

Comprehensive aftercare, including room redecoration and cleaning

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